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I made my sons booking over the phone to the office. Very efficient and friendly staff. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to book their theory.


I passed my theory test 3rd time around after purchasing my theory from this site, Saved me a few quid to say the least. I can’t fault the service and I have already started to recommend to my friends.


I purchased a theory test from this site for my daughter who has just started her driving lessons. The booking was made instantly on the date and time requested. Very impressed so far by the service I have received.


The office staff was so helpful and easy to contact. I requested a cancellation date as I was due to leave the UK for work and I got one. Very impressed and will certainly recommend.


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Hints and Tips for passing your theory test

  1. Number one is easy, you need to do the study! There are various apps and software available to help you, just do half an hour per day.
  2. When your answering questions try to gain an understanding of why it’s that answer, a little reading of The Highway Code will help too.
  3. Take your time reading the questions properly as sometimes people will make a mistake by not fully reading the questions or all of the possible answers.
  4. Practice the hazard Perception element with lots of clips, the apps include clips for you to do.
  5. A hazard is something that will make you change speed or direction so try out as many practice clips as you can and watch the reviews to see when you should have clicked to get the high mark.
  6. Don’t get click happy on the hazard Perception as the program will think your cheating if you over click. Try clicking once when you see a potential hazard and then again if that problem develops into something that would affect you.
  7. If your using an app on your phone or iPad device get the full app as most do a light (free) version but you won’t see all of the questions on this one.
  8. Do lots of mock tests to check out what type of scores you get. Be sure to go over any questions you got wrong before moving onto the next.
  9. Arrive early for your theory test appointment, your invitation suggests 15 min before the time.
  10. Take your photo card driving licence as you won’t be allowed to sit the test without it and you will lose your fee.